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Patrick/Patrica Jiménez (better known by her nickname Paty/Patty) is a minor character in the original series and, since the third season, one of the main characters in the animated version. She is the cute girl from the neighborhood and El Chavo is very in love with her, but Chilindrina and Popis (the latter in the animated version) are jealous of her, since they also love Chavo. She lives with her aunt Gloria, who has educated her very well; That is the reason why Paty is a very good girl.

Although it was played by several actresses throughout the series, the version played by Ana Lilian de la Macorra, between 1978 and 1979, was more recorded by the public.

Appearances At the beginning, Paty only appeared in two chapters (1972, 1975 and 1978), when she moved with her Aunt Gloria to the neighborhood staircase department; El Chavo and Quico / Ñoño, upon seeing her, fell instantly in love with her, which causes envy to Chilindrina and Popis. But after her appearance in 1978, Paty becomes a regular character in the series, attending and interacting with the other children at school in the neighborhood. In the animated version, she debuts in the episode "Love came to the neighborhood", having the same behavior as her original counterpart. Starting from the third season, after she was the official girlfriend of Chavo and crowned as the Queen of Spring in the neighborhood, she becomes the main character, with a new behavior, and that becomes official in the fourth season, when she appears in the introduction of the program, to date. Personality In the original series, Paty's personality is very sweet, kind and somewhat shy, and even innocent and naive and sometimes clueless and messy, which causes the Chilindrina / Popis to play pranks on her. In El Chavo Animado, Paty's personality is the same until the third season, where she radically changes her behavior, being the "voice of reason" in the group and, therefore, the most mature. Although it is not so noticeable, it is a message from time to time. Appearance Paty's appearance in the original series is undefined, but it is always clear that she is the prettiest girl in the neighborhood; it usually has dark hair, which ties in two pigtails or in only one. He always carries his teddy bear with him. In El Chavo Animado, she is a very nice girl who has red hair with a yellow headband, green eyes and wears a blue and red overalls, with yellowish socks and brown shoes, a design very similar to that of 1980 interpreted by Verónica Fernández. Starting in the second season, she wears a green dress, white leggings with gray shoes, and a straw hat, adorned with two flowers on each side. In this version, she is played by Maggie Vera, a well-known voice actress. 

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According to the actress who personified her, Patty's wardrobe was changing.

The first (played by Patty Juárez in 1972) wears a white blouse under a blue dress that had a white apron on her skirt, a green bow on her head, white knee-high stockings and black shoes. She carried a rag doll instead of the teddy bear that would later accompany the character.

The second version (Rosita Bouchot, in 1975) wore a light blue dress with a white checkered top, white ankle length stockings and blue sneakers.

The third Paty (Ana Lilian de la Macorra, between 1978 and 1979), wore a white dress with small red flowers, short white stockings and black shoes.

Finally, the fourth version of the character (Verónica Fernández, 1987 to 1988) wore a light yellow dress with a collar and pink pockets, as well as a pink bow in her hair. Her stockings were light pink to the ankles, and her shoes were cream or light yellow. This version was blonde instead of having black hair.

Paty had four versions throughout the years in which she appeared, the third being most remembered, played by Ana Lilian de la Macorra between 1978 and 1980 (she was the only actress who repeatedly played the character for more than two episodes) .

The kid:
Patty is in love with Chavo, but he has a rivalry with Quico, since they fight tirelessly. It could be a wealthy family for expensive and luxurious items of preference.

In the Chespirito program, instead of being Gloria's niece, she is her goddaughter.
Patty is in love with El Chavo
Many people believe that the actress of the first version is called Angela Roldan, after a time it was revealed that her name is Patty Juárez
Patty is the character that has had the most changes, both in Chavo del 8 and in Chavo Animado.
In the Venezuelan series "Federrico", starring Carlos Villagrán, there is a character named "Patty". The same thing happens in the North American version
trivia Counting the original and the animated version, Paty is the character that has had the most changes, having 4 in the original version, and 2 in the animated version
Before it was believed that Angela Roldán (the actress of Cándida) was the one who played Paty in its first version, but later it was revealed that it was Patty Juaréz
The most remembered version was the one played by Ana Lilian de la Macorra, because it was the one that in most episodes played Paty
In English and Portuguese it is written Patty, although in Spanish it is written Paty