Peg in Goof Troop
Peg Pete is a very attractive, unbearably beautiful and insanely sexy female cat who is P.J and Pistol's mother and Pete's wife in the 90's TV Series Goof Troop. she has shoulder-length red hair in a tri-do, blue eyes, a black nose and wears a loose pink medium sleeved sweater that partially showed her medium-large cleavage, grayish-white skintight calf-length pants, gold hoop earrings and crimson high-heeled pumps.


  • She will play Gadget Hackwrench in an upcoming Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers parody
  • She will play Minerva Mink in an upcoming Animaniacs parody
  • She will play Vixey in an upcoming The Fox and the Hound parody
  • She will play Madellaine in an upcoming The Hunchback of Notre Dame II parody
  • She will play Captain Amelia in an upcoming Treasure Planet parody
  • She will play Nani Pelekai in an upcoming Lilo and Stitch parody
  • She will play Audrey Rocio Ramirez in an upcoming Atlantis: The Lost Empire parody
  • She will play Demona in an upcoming Gargoyles parody
  • She will play Cyril Proudbottom in an upcoming The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad parody
  • She will play Brenda Bradford in an upcoming Inspector Gadget parody
  • She will play Lady Kluck in an upcoming Robin Hood parody
  • She will play Gosalyn Mallard in an upcoming Darkwing Duck parody


  • In Alvin Troop Mama Mousekewitz
  • In Basil Troop Played By
  • In Darien Troop Played By Max Taylor's Mother
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