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Penny is a supporting character in Rosemary Hills (Reboot).

Voice Actors:

  1. Kari Wahlgren - English


In Season 14-16, her appearance is slender, fair skin, brown hair, blue eyes, pink top, blue jeans, red sneakers. In the middle of Season 16, after she cuts her hair, her appearance is black midriff jacket, white tube top that reveals her belly button, black pants, black fingerless gloves, and red sneakers.


Kind, caring, helpful.


A Swimming Contest Debut:

  • Ta-da! Well, how do I look? (Olivia: Presenting...) (Samson: The new Penny!) (Milly: Your-- Your hair!) (Tevin: What in Grimm's name did you do to it?!?) (Emmy: You chopped most of it off! Come on! I liked your long hair!) Time for a change. I think it's kinda cute. (Olivia and Samson show Penny's new look)