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Perdita must return a magic crown back to a 6 Year Old Girl named June in Mermaid Kingdom and get past a mean Weasel who dumps garbage all over the kingdom.


Perdita and Bendy were at the beach. They were cleaning up the beach because it is Clean Up The Beach Day. They were looking for garbage on the sand. After looking for garbage, a very special Naveen tells Perdita and Bendy about Mermaid Kingdom.

Places In Episode

  1. Sea Shell Bridge
  2. Pirate Island
  3. The Silly Sea
  4. Mermaid Kingdom


  • Busquen La Corona (Find The Crown)
  • Coconut Conga
  • Silly Sea
  • Clean Up Song


  • Another episode called "Perdita's Rescue In Mermaid Kingdom" is the sequel of this episode.
  • This is the first double length episode where Perdita says "check" and a red check-mark is placed on what squares which shows the name of the place Perdita and Bendy went through.
  • This marks the last episode for the original cast to act before their departure, but the voice of Spike Pickles and Captain Hook will still be present.
  • Captain Hook is technically on his good side in this episode when he gives June’s crown back.
  • This is the only episode in the series in which Perdita and Bendy explicitly asked Captain Hook to swipe. It is also mentioned in the “We Did It” song when Bendy said it never happened before.
  • Perdita turns into a mermaid just as she puts on the mermaid crown. When she takes it off, she turns back into herself.
  • This is the last episode where the blue cursor clicks at the end of the episode. After this, a fade-out effect will take its place for the rest of the series.
  • This is the last episode to "find the character" when the closing credits appeared.
  • This is the last episode for Season 4.
  • This is the last episode to premiere in 2007.
  • This is the last episode to have the explorer stars in the intro.
  • The 2005-2009 Nick Jr. Productions Logo used the 1999-2005 Nick Jr. Productions music from "Perdita's World Adventure" was used again for this episode.
  • This is the final time the show uses the 2005-2009 Nick Jr. Productions Logo.
  • Split screen airings of this episode use the 1999-2005 Nick Jr. Productions Logo at the end instead. 
  • This is the 5th episode that lasts for over 30 minutes.
  • This is the 101st episode of the show.
  • In this episode, there are four squares instead of three.
  • The name of this episode was released as a video game for the Nintendo DS.
  • June The Ballerina will later appear on a Perdita and Friends episode titled Magical Mermaid Rescue.
  • Goof: when Perdita and Bendy finished helping Captain Hook clean off the whale they run the opposite way to go to Pirate Island.
  • The grown-up voice Perdita has in Perdita's Dance To The Rescue and Perdita's World Adventure was also debuted in this episode. This will be the last instance that Marina uses her grown-up voice.
  • The graphics has been changed in this episode just like the background and Marina having smaller eyes. All of these things have been used in Season 5.
  • Perdita and Bendy's season 5 look has been debuted in this episode.
  • The episode premiered 5 years Click! premiered.
  • This is the fourth episode to use the extended version of We Did It. The other three are Perdita's Pirate Adventure, Perdita's Dance To The Rescue, and Perdita's World Adventure


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