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Perdita and Bendy must save Ord’s Flute from a drought.

Characters Presenting on Ord's Flute

  • Perdita
  • Bendy
  • Spike
  • Two-Tone
  • Captain Hook
  • Chanticleer
  • Ord
  • Quetzal

Places In Episode

  1. Windy Bridge
  2. Spooky Forest
  3. Ord’s Mountain


Uno Dos Tres Cuatro Cinco


  • Perdita and Bendy stopped Captain Hook twice in this episode.
  • Ord appears again as Perdita’s classmates in “Dodger’s School Adventure.”
  • This is the 24th episode of the show.
  • In some scenes, Perdita’s voice starts to sound like her late Season 2 voice.
  • The scene where Bendy said, “Spike!” is taking from Bouncing Ball (backwards).
  • Ord now appears in the spin-off series “Perdita & Friends: Into The City”.
  • Instead of jumping into the book, the events of the book seem to be reality as Perdita and Bendy find the flute near them.
  • The zoom in mechanic from Berry Hunt returns in this episode when Perdita says “How do we get to Ord’s Mountain?” before she says the places.
  • The walking animations in the Travel Song are taken from Two-Tone (the episode where they first came into play).


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