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Perdita and Bendy go to the beach to cool off on a hot summer day.

Characters Presenting On Beaches


On a hot summer day, Perdita and Bendy want to spend the day at the beach to cool off. It all started when Perdita was showing the viewer at home that he was pretending to swim.

Places In Episode

  1. Sand Dunes
  2. Boardwalk
  3. Beach


  • This is only time where Perdita asks "What was your favorite part of the trip, Bendy?".
  • The voices of Hubie and Rolly and Patch were mentioned in the end credits, but Jungle Jangs didn't appear on the episode.
  • Rolly and Patch is the 2nd character who stopped Captain Hook by on their own.
    • The 1st being Pochacco from Lost and Found.
  • This is the first episode where Perdita does not wear his casual clothes through the entire episode.
  • This is the 2nd episode where Hubie and Rolly and Patch make their appearances.
  • This is the 4th episode of the show.
  • This is the 1st episode where Perdita tells the viewer what to say by using her frown mouth. It was used on later episodes.
  • This episode premieres as a bonus on the DVD release Summer Explorer.
  • An online game called "Find Floatie", based on this episode, would be released shortly after this episode was released.
  • Captain Hook makes his whisking sound and appears as soon as Perdita and Bendy finish the Travel Song the first time.
  • When Captain Hook appears the second time, he doesn’t make his whisking sound.
  • This is not only the 1st episode where Captain Hook is successful in taking Perdita and Bendy's stuff, but also the 1st episode where he appears twice in one episode.
  • Spike and Two-Tone did not say "We did it!" during the "We Did It" song in this episode.
  • In this episode, Bob the Tomato makes his appearance in the Character Find.
  • This is the first episode to find Bob the Tomato.
  • This is the earliest episode to where Spike is called upon for help twice. Very late into Season 3, this is revisited in "The Lost City" and so on in future episodes. Same thing with Two-Tone.
  • This is actually the pilot episode for the show, but their designs we just revamped.


Character Find

Bob the Tomato