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Perdita and her friends play a game of hide and seek.

Characters Presenting on Hide and Go Seek

  • Perdita
  • Bendy
  • Two-Tone
  • Spike (Rugrats)
  • Captain Hook
  • Garfield Odie and Nermal
  • Hubie
  • Jungle Jangs
  • Rolly and Patch
  • Chanticleer


Perdita and Bendy, and their other pals play a game of hide-and-go-seek outside.

Places In Episode

  1. Spooky Cave (Hubie)
  2. Dalmatian Puppy Trees (Rolly and Patch)
  3. Rainforest (Chanticleer)


  1. Bushes (Perdita)
  2. Fruit Trees (Bendy)
  3. Buttercups (Spike)
  4. Feathers (Two-Tone)
  5. Flowers and Leaves (Jungle Jangs) 


  • he 3 square sequence went this way in this episode: Perdita would ask how do they get to their goal, then square 1 appears and Perdita says what was on 1st square, square 2 appears and Perdita says out what was on the 2nd square and then a 3rd square appears and Perdita says out what was on the 3rd square. And then Perdita reviews what they had to do.
  • In some descriptions of the episode, instead of the trophy being the prize, Chanticleer will introduce the other to his new baby chicks, but said baby penguins did not appear in that episode.
  • A majority of the characters hide themselves through means of camouflage.
  • Instead of Spike popping out of Two-Tone (because she was hiding), he looks directly at the viewer until they say his name.


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