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Bendy was expecting a package from Maggie. But Bendy’s package was not there, it was sitting on the top of snowy mountain. Perdita and Bendy need to get to snowy mountain before Captain Hook does.

Characters Presenting on Rapido, Rolly and Patch

  • Maggie


Today, Bendy was expecting a package from Maggie. It was a new toy firetruck.

Places in Episode

  1. Crocodile Lake
  2. Blue Tunnel
  3. Snowy Mountain


  • Rolly and Patch helps Perdita and Bendy on their adventure to get back Bendy’s red firetruck toy.
  • This episode title means "Fast Rolly and Patch!" in Spanish.
  • This episode aired before Super Spike! aired on television.
  • This episode was seen on VHS before it aired on television.


Character Find

Rolly and Patch