Pete (from The Little Engine That Could)


Pete is a gruff, burly freight steam engine in the 1991 film The Little Engine That Could. He coughs while he sleeps in the roundhouse with Farnsworth, Jebediah, Georgia and Tillie. He is later pulled by Tillie to Tower. As he coughs with a dark smoke, Tower starts to sneeze. Before Tower can explain with Pete, he watches Chip sneezes at the smoke. Tower sternly scolds Pete to watch the smoke and now sends him to pull the freight train and take it over the mountain to the town. Then as Pete puffs away to collect the freight train to the mountains, the smoke comes out of his funnel, and as it goes all over Tower, he starts to sneeze again. Meanwhile, Pete is going back to the roundhouse with his freight train until he sees Rollo waving his red flag to stop him. Pete applies his brakes and stops right next to Rollo after he moves over from Pete. He rudely wheeshes his steam to Rollo and makes him wet. He is very angry with Rollo and his toys who asked him to pull the birthday train because Georgia has broken down and sent to the train doctor, who will make her stay in the roundhouse for a couple of days. Pete refuses to pull the birthday train because he has some freight trains to pull and then angrily goes off, leaving Rollo and his toys to feel sad.


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