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Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, Sr. is the protagonist of the show and title character. He's a man of Irish descent currently residing in Rhode Island with his wife Lois. He was, however, born in Mexico, where his mother had tried unsuccessfully to abort him. Peter attended Providence High School. Together, Peter and Lois have three children, Chris, Meg, and baby Stewie. In addition, he and Lois had a child named Peter Griffin Jr.. who died when Peter shook him too much. Out of pity he also adopted an intellectual talking dog named Brian who formerly lived on the street as a stray, an accepted fact in Brian's two adoption stories.Peter's best friends are Glenn Quagmire, Joe Swanson, Brian, and Cleveland. They enjoy hanging out at their local bar, The Drunken Clam, drinking and chewing the fat. The four men (often without Brian, although he has joined them on several occasions) do many things together. Once the four friends entered and won a costume contest at an 80s TV convention, dressing up as the A-Team. On another occasion, their fishing boat was wrecked, and they were stranded together on a desert island.

Peter Griffin plays Nostalgia Critic in Family Critic

He is a Critic

Peter Griffin plays Sir Ector in The Sword in the Stone (Jiminy Cricket Style)

Peter Griffin plays Jim Dear in Honey Lemon and the Cricket

Peter Griffin plays Don Lino in Steven Universe Crossover Shark Tale

Peter Griffin plays Lampwick in Bubblesocchio

He is a naughty boy who smoke cigars

Peter Griffin plays The King in Annarella

Peter Griffin plays Melvin Smiley in The Big Hit (Dragon Rockz Style)

Peter Griffin plays King Harold in Henry (Shrek)

Peter Griffin plays Mad Hatter in Honey and Gogo in Wonderland

Peter Griffin plays King Stefan in Sleeping Lemon

Peter Griffin plays Colonel Hathi in The Jungle Book (Jiminy Cricket Style)

He is an elephant

Peter Griffin plays Indian Chief in Jiminy Pan

Peter Griffin plays James (Tiana's father) in The Princess and the Dog

Peter Griffin Plays Stubbs the Clown in Were Back an Equestria Girl's Story

He is a Clown

Peter Griffin plays Grand Pabbie in Frozen (Jiminy Cricket Style)

He is a troll

Peter Griffin plays Wasabi in Big Hero 6 (Jiminy Cricket Style)

Peter Griffin Plays SkyTrain Mark I #118

  • He is a Crows Nest

Peter Griffin played Thomas the Tank Engine in Peter Griffin and Friends

  • He is a blue tank engine

Peter Griffin played BoCo the Metropolitan Vickers Diesel in Eric Cartman And Friends

  • He is both wearing Green


  • In Famliy Guy (Coolzdane Animal Style) Played By Danny (Cats Don't Dance)
  • In Famliy Guy (Coolzdane Human Style) Played By Pacha
  • In Family Guy (CityMaker Animal Style) Played by Yogi Bear
  • In Family Guy (Engine Style) Played By BoCo