Peter pan disney

Peter Pan is the main character from Peter Pan.


He played Zazu in The Knight King and The Snow King

He is a bird

He played Kronk in The Outback's New Groove

He is a sidekick

He played Charmy Bee in Dumbo X (AKA Sonic X)

He is a bee

He played The Prince in Wendy White and the Seven Animals

He is a prince

He played Adult Simba in The Mammal King

He is a lion

He played Hercules in Petercules

He is a god

He played Prince Adam in Beauty and the Mufasa

He is a prince

He played Adult Flower in Skippy (Bambi)

He is a skunk

He Played Horton the Elephant in Peter Pan Hears a Who!

He played Kion in The Medieval Guard

He played Mantis in Kung Fu Street Rat and Kung Fu Street Rat 2

He played Wayne in The Children Show (The Muppet Show)

He played the Magic Mirror in D.W. White and the Seven Insects

He is a mirror

He played Jacquimo in Gadgetlina

He played Scuttle in The Little Mer-Russian

He is a seagull

He played S.D. Kluger in Hercules Claus is Coming to Town

He is a mailman

He played the Moonlight Knight in Sailor Zoe

He is an Arabian knight

He played Meriadoc Brandybuck in The Lord of the Rings (TheNamelessDoll Style)

He played Adult Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars (PrinceAnarioandPrincessOrianaRockz Style)

He is a Jedi knight

He played Gobo in Fraggle Rock (Disneystyle8 Style)

He is a fraggle

He played Garth in Alpha and Omega (SuperDisneyFan15 Style) Recast

He is a wolf

He played Friar Tuck in Tyler Hood

He is a badger

He played Bashful in Merida White and the Seven Boys

He is a dwarf

He played Maurice in Beauty and the Hyena

He is Belle's father

He played Fear in Inside Out (DisneyLovefan Style)

He is a purple emotion

He played Alan-A-Dale in Owen Hood

He is a rooster

He played Grumpy in Jane White and the Seven Characters

He is a dwarf

He played as The Magic Carpet in Tiggerladdin (TiggerandSkyFan360 Style) and Jasladdin

He is a Magic Carpet

He Played Theo Seville In Ron and the Boys (1983)

He is a Chipmunk

He Played Arthur Read in Peter Pan (Arthur)

He is an Aardvark

He Played John Rolfe In Tuccihontas 2 Journey To A New World (CoolzDaneth5th Style)

He Is A London Boy

He Played Joe In Gidget’s Clues (Animation Movie Films and TV Shows Style) and Gidget’s Room

He is a Man

He Played Mickey Mouse in Peter, Spike & Manny The Three Musketeers, Peter, Lei and Shang in The Three Musketeers, and Who Framed Ben Franklin

He is a Mouse

He played Troy Bolton in Cartoon School Musical, Cartoon School Musical 2, and Cartoon School Musical 3: Senior Year



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