Petrie is a goofy flyer from The Land Before Time franchise.

Voice Actors:

  1. Will Ryan (Movie 1) - English
  2. Jeff Bennett (Movies 2-present) - English
  3. Yuji Mitsuya - Japanese
  4. Arturo Mercado - Spanish
  5. Wolfgang Ziffer - German
  6. Davide Garbolino - Italian
  7. Mino Caprio - Italian
  8. Dick Eriksson - Swedish
  9. Alexandre Moreno - Brazilian Portuguese
  10. Roger Carel - French
  11. Giora Kenneth - Hebrew
  12. Simcha Barbiro - Hebrew

He played Iago in Dumboladdin

He played The Prince in Ducky White and the Seven Camper Girls

He played Prince Eric in The Little Mer Ducky, The Little Mer Ducky 2: Returns To The Animal Kingdom

He played Mr. Centipede in Max and the Giant Peach

He played Flounder in The Little MerDuck

He played himself in the Clash of the Links franchise

He appears as a major character. But this time round, he is now fully grown and looks like his Uncle Pterano and sounds like him and he also resembles Pterano as well, but is no longer acting goofy as he used to do years ago and is now speaking normally, this time round, he has an evil android duplicate called Reverse Petrie (who was created by the Daleks in order to track down Petrie and capture Eilonwy) who is still looking like Adult Petrie, but resembles Petrie's younger self more and also sounds like him and acts like him too. Also, Petrie is now voiced by Michael York (who was also the voice for Pterano). In its sequel, he is still a major character and is still an adult and still voiced by Michael York, but this time round, he goes to attack and finish off his evil android duplicate.

He played SkyTrain Mark I #113

  • He is a crows nest

He played SkyTrain Mark I #141

  • He is a playable with Epsah

He played SkyTrain Mark I #143

  • He is a non-playable



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