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Pillow Featherbed is the sleepiest resident of Lalaloopsy Land. Whether it's morning or night, she manages to end up curled up and fall fast asleep. Pillow is the older sister of little Blanket Featherbed. Her name is based off of her favorite possessions to fall asleep on - her feathery bed and comfy pillow.

About Pillow


Pillow is a fair-skinned girl with black button eyes and carnation pink cheeks. She has neck length curly lilac purple hair with bangs. She wears a thin headband with a big magenta bow on the right side.

Pillow usually wears a pair of pajamas whether she's in bed or not. Her favorite pair has carnation pink and magenta stripes and three buttons on the right side. It is trimmed with white and tangerine orange striped cuffs, collar, zipper segment, and heart patch on her right knee.

In her re-release, Pillow comes with amaranth red pajamas adorned with white zzz's and sunshine yellow stars. The collar is tangerine orange with white dot print to match the striped band going down the center. Attached to her feet are fluffy white bunny slippers.


Pillow Featherbed's pet is a fluffy sheep. Its skin is carnation pink while its fluff is white, it also has the normal black button eyes but with white circles surrounding them.

In most Lalaloopsy Mini releases, Sheep wears a tangerine orange sleeping cap.


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  • She was the first Lalaloopsy character released, being listed as #1 on the poster of the original eight.
  • Her pet Sheep has a number 5 on its back.
  • January 3rd is Festival of Sleep Day.
  • Pillow snores when she sleeps.
  • Her chosen pet is a sheep in reference to counting sheep as a commonly-known method of falling asleep.
  • She and Little Bah Peep both have sheep for pets.
  • Her best friend is Rosy Bumps N Bruises.


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