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In the year 1929 a lonely war veteran named John Weaver wanted his own children but his wife Angela died from an illness his son Benny left to live by himself and no adoption agencies would give a child to just one parent so John decided that if he won't be given a child he'll make a wooden puppet that resembles one and treat said puppet like it was his own son John always liked the name Tim and always wanted a boy he also had other puppets that he had created but those ones were used to give away to children who also felt lonely John went to work making the puppet's head arms and legs he also carved a comedy mask for the puppet to wear and finally he carved a heart on the puppet's chest I'll call you Tim oh son I love you so much now if you don't mind your father's got to go take a shower! said John after John left the room a strange and mysterious blue light went through Tim who magically came to life That was such a good nap where's dad? asked Tim who searched the house and found his father taking a shower in the bathroom Hi dad! said Tim Oh hey Tim what wait?! responded John who was shocked and fascinated at the same time But how is this possible a wooden puppet can't move you're not supposed to move! said John Well i guess I can responded Tim after that a pigeon came on the windowsill and Tim chased after it not knowing any better since he's just a child Oh god Tim come back here! said John who was worried for his new son eventually Tim followed the bird all the way into town where he accidentally fell into a basket with clothes in it John went there and discovered Tim being in the basket he took Tim and Mary the woman who was cleaning her laundry discovered the incident while she was mad for the mess that Tim made she saw her late husband's brother carry Tim John?! asked Mary Hello Mary responded John That puppet is yours? asked Mary Well he's alive they'll probably think I'm using voodoo said John I know he's alive because I saw him running over here normal puppets can't walk by themselves and you gave him your heart said Mary Our heart whispered John Um what? asked Mary Oh uh nothing responded John the bird Tim was chasing came back and it led Tim to Specimen 4 and Specimen 2 two con artists Who are you? asked Tim