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Piper is a young pirate girl appearing in the episode The Beach Day Mystery. Along with her younger brother, Pascal.

Piper and Pascal were searching for a special treasure they found multiple hints and clues to. However, they could not understand them considering she nor her brother know their alphabet or hot to rhyme.

While it is probably likely Piper and Pascal are real pirates, they could just be playing pretend. As its common for young children to do. It's unknown if Piper and Pascal have parents.

It is currently unknown who voices Piper.


Compared to her brother, Piper speaks a lot more and is more active and perky. Whenever the Super Readers would mention a skill they must use, Piper didn't seem too bothered until realizing there was a real importance to learning such skills. Stating that they are pirates, so stuff like that didn't really apply to them.

It's unknown how her relationship with Pascal is, considering not much of it is shown.


Piper is a pale brown skinned girl with black eyes and neck length brown curly hair. She wears a red and yellow pirate captains hat with two small pink bows, along with a torn red dress with a black belt with golden buckle, and a pale purple-gray under shirt. She also has on dark colored pants and brown boots with gold buckles.