Pistol Pete is a young, nauseatingly adorable, sugary sweet and unbearably beautiful 4-6 year old female cat from Goof Troop.


Pistol has floor-length red hair tied in two pigtails with yellow ribbons, blue eyes, a black nose and wear a white long-sleeved blouse with a pink sash, collar and cuffs, a yellow knee-length skirt, frilly red or white panties, pink ankle-high socks and white Velcro shoes with pink trim and soles.


Despite her cuteness, sweetness and beauty, she is very hyperactive, precocious and talkative.

She Played Young Kiara in The Cartoon Animal King 2: Rabbit's Pride

She is a lion cub

She Played Attina in The Little MerDuck

She is a mermaid girl

She Played Bubbles in The Powerpuff Animals (Hiatt Grey Style)

She is a super girl

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