Planet Zoo: The Series

Planet Zoo: The Series is an upcoming animated series on YouTube. It is based on the computer game with the same name. It features 4 main characters, Harold the Grizzly Bear, Kim the Plains Zebra, Dennis the Indian Rhinoceros, and Rodney the Common Ostrich.

Release Date

  • September 5, 2020-present


  • Harold - Tom Hanks
  • Kim - Tara Strong
  • Dennis - Rodger Bumpass
  • Rodney - Drake Bell


Season 1:

  1. Our Wild Adventure Begins
  2. Xavier's Evil Plan
  3. Dennis The Brave
  4. Wilson The King
  5. Elephant In The Room
  6. The Great Serengeti Race
  7. Don't Giraffe At Jokes
  8. Rodney The Copycat
  9. Lost In The Sahara
  10. An Animalia Halloween
  11. The Tortoise Came Back
  12. Animal Idol
  13. Snake A Leg
  14. Happy Birthday, Harold!
  15. A Peacock For Thanksgiving
  16. Smart For A Chimp
  17. Kim And Dennis's Romance
  18. An Alaskan Christmas
  19. Never Dinkle On An Anteater
  20. A Kalahari New Year
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