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Pluto is a dog from Mickey Mouse


Pluto played as Presley in Sniffles in New York

He is Andrew's pet dog and an Old English Sheepdog

Pluto played as Rajah In Flynnladdin

He is Jasmine's pet tiger

Pluto played as Dim in An Ohanna's Life

He is a purple beetle

Pluto played as Dopey in Cleo White and the Seven Disney Animals

He is a dwarf

Pluto played as Percy in Rapunzelhontas and Brandyhontas

He is a pug

Pluto played as Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell in Canal Famillerama

He is a professor

Pluto played as Turtle in Canal Famille Planet

He is a turtle

Pluto played Simba in The Pluto King

He is a lion

Pluto played Clumsy Smurf in The Dogs (The Smurfs)

Pluto played Bullseye in Muppet Story (LegalizeAnythingMuppets Style), Disney/Toy Story, Disney/Toy Story 2, and Disney/Toy Story 3

Pluto played Meeko in Juliahontas

Pluto played Bruno in Alicerella, Dawnrella (CarsFan360's Style), Twigsrella, and Canderella (1950)

Pluto played Abu in Mickeyladdin (MickeyAndKermitFan Style) and Mickeyladdin 2: The Return of Peteafar

He is Aladdin's monkey