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Master Ping Xiao Po (birth name: Lotus Shan) is the title character and the protagonist of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. He is an anthropomorphic giant panda in his 20s, who is improbably chosen as the Dragon Warrior, champion of the Valley of Peace in the first film. He is the adoptive son of Mr. Ping and is one of Master Shifu's students. Po is also the prophesied Dragon Warrior, as well as the warrior of black and white. In Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Po is revealed to have the ability to be able to learn kung fu at a glance.

Po plays as Rex in Mammal Story 1, Mammal Story 2, Bagheera of Star Command: The Adventure Begins and Mammal Story 3

Po plays as Phelous in Pholous

He is a Canadian

Po plays Han Solo in Animation Star Wars

He is a smuggler

Po Plays Patrick Star in The Shermanbob Bodypants Movie and The SidBob SlothPants Movie

He Is A Starfish

Po plays as Baloo in The Jungle Book Series (Justin Quintanilla Style), The Jungle Book 2016 (Justin Quintanilla Style), TaleSpin (Justin Quintanilla Style) and The Jungle Cubs (Justin Quintanilla Style)

He is a sloth bear

Po plays Donkey Kong in Super Red&Silver's Channel Bros. 64, Super Red&Silver's Channel Bros. Melee, Super Red&Silver's Channel Bros. Brawl, Super Red&Silver's Channel Bros. for Wii-U and 3DS and Super Red&Silver's Channel Bros. Ultimate

Po plays Sleepy in Mrs. Frog White and the Seven Bears

He is a dwarf

Po plays Bruno in Mindyrella

He is a dog

Po plays Captain B. McCrea in DUDLE-Y (WALL-E)

Po plays Marty in Madagascar (Ben Rei Productions)

Po plays Dr. David Q. Dawson in The Great Sloth Detective

He is a mouse

Po Plays Azari In Next Guardians Heroes Of Tomorrow

He Is A Superhero

Po plays Lion-O in ThunderPandas (TheTrueDisneyKing Style)

He is a Sword Of Omens

Po plays Kodi in Kenaito III: Wings of Change

He is a Husky

Po plays Professor Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Littlechild Studios Style)

He is a Video Game Character (also played by Jack Black)

Po plays Kazuya Mishima in Super Smash Bros. (Charlie BrownandSci-Twi Rockz Style)


  • In Kung Fu Blondie he is played by Rex Owen.
  • In Kung Fu Rabbit he is played by Bugs Bunny.

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  • Wife-Tigress
  • Daughter-Lei Lei
  • Son in Law-Bao
  • Adopted Father-Mr. Ping
  • Master-Shifu
  • Father-Li