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Pochantas is a beautiful girl in the 1995 film of the same name and its 1998 sequel.

She Played as Princess Yue in Avatar: The Last Airbender (PrinceBalto Human Style)

She is a moon princess

She Played as Haru's Mother In Avatar The Last Airbender Nuclearzoen Human Style

She is from the Earth Kingdom

She Played as Anastasia/Anya In Pocastasia

She is a Russian princess

She Played Nala In The Disneyland King

She is a Lioness

She Played as Raye/Sailor Mars In Sailor Zoe

She is a Sailor Scout

She Played Tiger Lily in Taran Pan

She is an Indian Princess

She Played Grumpy in Edmond White and the 7 Princesses

She is a Dwarf

She Played as Legs in Cartoon Story (Austin A) Style

She Played Sacagawea in Night at the Toontown, Night at the Toontown 2 and Night at the Toontown 3

She Played Stevonnie In Jimmy Neutron (Steven Universe) 

She Is A Gem Human Fusion

She Played Jessie in Super All-Star Story 2, Super All-Star Story 3 and Super All-Star Story 4

She is a cowgirl

She played Valkyrie in Avengers:Endgame(Jean-Claude Style)

Pocahontas was visited by Kenai and Fievel Mousekitz who came to see Goku. Later, she and the Asgardians were transported by the Masters of the Mystic Arts to assist the Avengers in the battle against an alternate timeline's Thanos and his army. Afterwards, Goku decided to leave Earth and made Pocahontas the King of New Asgard.

Pocahontas will play Janis Ian in Disney's Mean Girls

She is one of Cady's friends

Voice Actors:

  1. Irene Bedard (Speaking Voice) - English
  2. Judy Kuhn (Singing Voice) - English
  3. Yuko Doi - Japanese
  4. Marta Barbara - Spanish
  5. Ilaria Stagni - Italian
  6. Katarzyna Tatarak - Polish
  7. Rita - Hebrew
  8. Rama Messinger - Hebrew
  9. Lisette Dufour - French