Here's John's Clancy parody of Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life (2009) which will play on YouTube at some point in time.


Thomas the Tank Engine as Ash Ketchum (both main heroes, wear blue, can be stubborn and arrogant sometimes, and have been present in all of their series)

Emma Ross as Dawn (both sweet and compassionate)

Bo Duke as Brock (both tall and both names start with "B")

Lightning McQueen as Pikachu (both fast and were both arrogant to begin with)

Edward the Blue Engine as Piplup (both blue, kind and smart)

Sally Carrera as Buneary (both girlfriends to Lightning McQueen and Pikachu)

Hound as Arceus

Moe Syzlak as Damos (both got mistaken for wrongdoing)

Charles Muntz as Marcus (both evil)

Alpha as Bronzong (both trained under Charles and Marcus)

Anna as Sheena

Kristoff as Kevin (both names start with "K")

Magica De Spell as Jessie (both steal)

Snake Jailbird as James (both steal as well)

Lil Lightning as Meowth (both talking dog and cat)

Herbie the Love Bug as Pichu (both small representations of Lightning McQueen and Pikachu)

Dialga and Palkia as Themselves (I couldn't find anyone to be Dialga or Palkia)

Dragon as Giratina (both dragons)

The UP Pack of Dogs as Themselves (Marcus's dogs)

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