Here's JamesimusPrime2798's Second Pokemon Cast for Pokemon 9 Arceus and the Jewel of Life)


Stan Marsh as Ash Ketchum (both main heroes, wear blue, can be stubborn and arrogant sometimes, and have been present in all of their series)

Wendy Testaburger as Dawn (both sweet and compassionate and girlfriends to Stan and Ash)

Bo Duke as Brock (both tall and both names start with "B")

Thomas the Tank Engine as Pikachu (both fast, both stuborn and arrogant at times)

Herbie the Love Bug as Piplup (both kind and smart)

Rosie the Pink Engine as Buneary (both girlfriends to Thomas and Pikachu)

Kyle Brovloski, Kenny McCormick, Eric Cartman, Butters Stotch as Themselves (Ash's Best-friends)

Bebe Stevens as Herself (Dawn's Best-friend)

Luke and Daisy Duke as Themselves (Brock's Cousins)

The General Lee as Himself (Brock's Car)

Boco as Arceus

Glen Quagmire as Damos (both got mistaken for wrongdoing)

Sideshow Bob as Marcus (both evil)

Spencer the Silver Engine as Bronzong (both have neutral personalities)

Lori Collins as Sheena

John Bennett as Kevin

Angelica Pickles as Jessie (both spoiled, selfish and full of themselves)

Nelson Muntz as James (both attempt to bully)

Devious Diesel as Meowth (both talking Diesel Shunter and Cat Pokemon)

Sir Handel as Pichu (both small representations of Thomas and Pikachu)

Optimus Prime (LA) as Dialga

Megatron (LA) as Palkia

Grimlock (LA) as Giratina


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