Pongo is a dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians.

Pongo played Wedge Antillies in Animation Star Wars

He is a rebel pilot

Pongo played Bob in Crocodile Barkin II

He is a photographer

Pongo played Tom "Slime" Toomey in Deadly Friend (Nikkdisneylover8390's Animal Style)

He is Paul Conway's best friend

Pongo played Aladdin in Pongoladdin, Pongoladdin 2: The Return of Chief McBrusque, Pongoladdin (TV Series), Pongoladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a street rat

Pongo played Toothless in How to Train Your Dalmatian

Pongo played Ash Ketchum in Pokemon (SuperWhyMovie's Animal Style), Pokemon The First Movie (SuperWhyMovie's Animal Style), Pokemon The Movie 2000 (SuperWhyMovie's Animal Style), Pokemon 3 The Movie (SuperWhyMovie's Animal Style), Pokemon 4Ever (SuperWhyMovie's Animal Style), Pokemon Heroes (SuperWhyMovie's Animal Style) and More

Pongo played Dwalin in The Terrier: An Unexpected Journey

He is a dwarf

Pongo played Peter Pan in Pongo Pan

He is a boy

Pongo played Hubie in The Pebble and the Dalmatian

He is a penguin

Pongo played James (Live Action) in James and the Giant Peach (Animal Style)

He is a boy

Pongo played Hiram Flaversham in The Great Courage Detective

He is Olivia's dad

Pongo played Jonathan Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (DogsVersion)

He is a Mrs. Brisby's deceased husband

Pongo plays Anakin Skywalker  in Star Wars (Mistercartoonmovie Style)

He is a Jedi

Pongo plays Han Solo in Star Wars (Coolzdane Style)

He is a Smuggler

Pongo played Happy in Kim White and the Seven Dogs

He is a dwarf.

Pongo Played Balto in Pongo (Balto), Pongo II: Dalmatian Quest, and Pongo III: Wings of Change

He is a wolf.

Pongo plays Rajah in Bolloladdin

He is a tiger.

Pongo played Valhallen in Alvin's Laboratory

He is a Justice Friend.

Pongo played Goddard in E.B.: Bunny Genius

He is a robot dog.

Pongo played Numbuh 2 in Codename: Dogs Next Door

He is a Kid Next Door.

Pongo Played Glory In The Powerpuff Girls 1955Movies

He is a Super Hero.

Pongo played Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music (CarltonHeroes)

He is a Father.

Pongo played Raf in Kovu (Ferdinand)

He is a bull and Ferdinand's Father. Pongo Played Spanky's Father In The Little Rascals (animalized) He is a Father

Pongo played Zazu in The Forest King (The Lion King)

He is a feisty red-billed hornbill


  • Father -
  • Mother -
  • Girlfriend -
  • Sons - ???
  • Daughter - ???



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