These costumes are inspired by Wild Force costumes and Jungle Fury costumes, with Kamen Rider style scarves

The final ranger, the White Hercules Beetle Ranger was inspired by Wild Force and Jungle Fury as well as Mighty-Morphin's white ranger. I went with an armored look for this ranger. He also has a Kamen Rider type scarf.



Ranger Designation Name Series of Origin
Red Rhino Beetle Ranger So Yi-jung Boys Over Flowers
Blue Stag Beetle Ranger Jin Yoo-jin Dream High 2
Yellow Wasp Ranger Erin Suda Kamen Rider Fourze
Pink Ladybug Ranger Emma Goodall Power Rangers Megaforce
Green Grasshopper Ranger Nam Shin Are You Human Too
White Hercules Beetle Ranger On Jung-seon Temperature of Love

Underground Rush Rangers

Ranger Designation Name Series of Origin
Red Ranger 1! Marcus Damon Digimon Data Squad
Green Ranger 2! Jackson Darby Transformers: Prime
Blue Ranger 3! Kat Mirai Forever2017
Yellow Ranger 4! Riku Asakura Ultraman Geed
Pink Ranger 5! Umika Hayami Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger


  • Penelope
  • Alpha 39

Villains: B.C.O.I.S.D.

  • Scorp
  • Arachnea


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