Each ranger represents a different element. I tried to incorporate the dragons into the helmets in a medieval fashion. The three on the left are called the Wind Knights. The design is based on a mix of Dairanger and Mystic Force. They are Red Fire, Blue Water, and Yellow Wind. The three on the right are the Thunder Knights. Their design is based on a mix between the thunder rangers from Ninja Storm and the Violet Wolf Ranger in Jungle Fury. These three are Orange Earth, Pale Yellow Lightning (there was already a yellow, so I went with a lighter shade), and White Ice. Finally, the middle ranger is the green Forest Guardian. She is modeled after the White Mighty Morphin' Ranger with a flared collar. I also gave her a mouth plate in the shape of a dragon tail.



Ranger Designation Name Series of Origin
Dragon Knight Red Ranger Duncan Total Drama Island
Dragon Knight Blue Ranger Mike Total Drama: Revenge of the Island
Dragon Knight Yellow Ranger Chloe Mirai Forever2017
Dragon Knight Orange Ranger Nelson Baxter How to Rock
Dragon Knight Pale Yellow Ranger Rafe Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life
Dragon Knight White Ranger Carly Shay ICarly
Dragon Knight Green Ranger Asuna Karino Kamen Rider: Ex-Aid


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