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(Editing a gallery)
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Vinnytovar's TV spoof of Power Rangers Train Knights

Power Rangers Train Knights title


Protagonist Side (Train Knight Rangers)

Ranger Designation Name
Red Train Knight Ranger Magra ► Vinnytovar ►◄ Johnny
Blue Train Knight Ranger Raiden ► Nick Wilde ► Adagio ► Brodi
Yellow Train Knight Ranger Khampa ► Bodi ► Grey
Purple Train Knight Ranger Queen Athena ► Darma ► Bianca ► Astro
Gold Train Knight Ranger Fleetwood Yak ► Dudley Puppy ► Humphrey
Green Train Knight Ranger Ben Tennyson
Crimson Train Knight Ranger Angus Scattergood
Navy Train Knight Ranger Silver the Hedgehog
Black Train Knight Ranger Vinnytovar
  • Train Knight Megazord
  • Momotaros
  • Urataros
  • Kintaros
  • Ryutaros
  • Deneb
  • Teddy
  • Khampa
  • Khari
  • Sly Cooper
  • Carmelita Fox

Antagonist Side (Railroad Destroyers)

Ranger Designation Name
Railroad Destroyer 1 Ragear ► Shao Kahn
Railroad Destroyer 2 Metal Sonic
Railroad Destroyer 3 Vinnytovar/Double Dan
Railroad Destroyer 4 Springtrap
  • Linnux
  • Trey
  • Dawn Bellwether
  • Negataros
  • Shadowborg
  • Zemerick
  • Tai Lang
  • Lord Shen
  • Kai

Roll Calls (Good Side)

  • "One, Sword on the Train, Power Ranger Red!"
  • "Two, Rod on the Train, Power Ranger Blue!"
  • "Three, Axe on the Train, Power Ranger Yellow!"
  • "Four, Gun on the Train, Power Ranger Purple!"
  • "Five, Wings on the Train, Power Ranger Gold!"
  • "Six, Animals on the Train, Power Ranger Green!"
  • "Seven, Zero to Hero Train, Power Ranger Crimson!"
  • "Eight, Striker to the Train, Power Ranger Navy!"
  • "Nine, Police saves the Train, Power Ranger Black!"
  • "Power of the Trains together we fight evil on railroad tracks!"
  • "Power Rangers Train Knights!"

Roll Calls (Evil Side)

  • "Leader of Darkness, Railroad Destroyer 1!"
  • "Scout of Nightmares, Railroad Destroyer 2!"
  • "Spy of Viruses, Railroad Destroyer 3!"
  • "Sniper of Evil, Railroad Destroyer 4!"
  • "We are Railroad Destroyers"

Theme Song

  • Power Rangers!
  • Go Go Power Rangers!
  • Go!
  • Go!
  • It's Morphin' Time!
  • For justice we fight
  • With Train Power light
  • Together we rise
  • Go Go Power Rangers (Go!)
  • Go Go Power Rangers (Go!)
  • Power Rangers Train Knights


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