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Known mostly from skulls,‭ ‬Prenocephale seems to have been a fairly large pachycephalosaur that lived in what is now Mongolia.‭ ‬The snout of Prenocephale is narrower than that of many other pachycephalosaur genera,‭ ‬suggesting that it was more of a selective browser. While Prenocephale is considered to be a valid genus,‭ ‬two others named Sphaerotholus buchholtzae and Homalocephale,‭ ‬have been suggested to be synonyms of Prenocephale.‭ ‬Whereas Prenocephale has a dome on its head,‭ ‬Sphaerotholus buchholtzae and Homalocephale are flatter on top,‭ ‬but the advent of new discoveries in other genera seems to indicate that pachycephalosaurs did not develop the dome structure on their heads until they were adults.‭ ‬With this in mind,‭ ‬many palaeontologists have suggested that Sphaerotholus and Homalocephale are merely the juvenile and sub adult individuals of Prenocephale. Another pachycephalosaur genus that may have lived alongside Prenocephale is Tylocephale.