Prince Anario

Prince anario with his pet wolf named cheeky the wolf

Prince Anario (aka Alvin Andrew Eval) (born November 11, 2005) is Princess Oriana's beloved husband.

He Played Han Solo In Star Wars (Oriana160 Style)

He is a smuggler

He Played Dr. James Harvey in ??? (Casper)

He Played Spike Taylor in Dinosaur King (PrinceAnarioandPrincessOrianaRockz Style)

He Played Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind (PrinceAnarioandPrincessOrianaRockz Style)

He Played Jim Foley in The Big Comfy Couch (WartandAliceFan Style)

He is a Foley father

He Played Stu Pickles In RugKids

He Played Human Naveen In The Princess and the ???

He Played Mr. Arable In Jenna's Bandana

He Played Gregg O'Hara In Mighty Kenai Young

He Played Dr. Alan Grant In Jurassic Park (160 Movies Human Style) and Jurassic Park III (160 Movies Human Style)

He Played Ken In Kids Story (160 Movies Style)

He Played Obi-Wan Kenobi In Star Wars (PrinceAnarioandPrincessOrianaRockz Style)

He Played Flynn Rider In Tangled (160 Movies Style)

He Played The Prince In Oriana White and the Seven Boys

He is a prince

He played Wallace in Anario and Classified

He Played Pecos Bill In Melody Time (160 Movies Style)

He is a rootin' tootin' cowboy

He Played Wario in Anario Land, AnarioWare and Super Taran

He Played Prince Charming In Orianarella

He is a prince

He Played Peter Pan In Anario Pan

He is a lost boy

He Played Prince Phillip In Sleeping Beauty (160 Movies Style)

He is a prince

He played Wart in The Sword in the Stone (160 Movies Style)

He Played Taran In The Black Cauldron (160 Movies Style)

He Played Prince Eric In The Little Mer-Oriana

He is a prince

He Played Prince Adam In Beauty and the Blue Dog

He is a human prince

He Played Aladdin In Anarioladdin

He is a street rat

He Played Hercules In Anariocules

He Played Li Shang In Orianalan

He Played Tarzan In Anariozan

He Played Mufasa In The Medieval King

He is Simba's father

He Played Prince Cornelius In Orianalina

He Played Kronk in The Mountaineer's New Groove

He Played Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians (160 Movies Style)

He Played Prince Derek In The Hen Princess

He Played Mr. "Daddy" Starling in Kovu and RJ: The Movie

He is Robyn's father

He played Basil in The Great Super Italian Detective

He played Timmy Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (160 Movies Human Style)

He Played John Rolfe in Orianahontas 2: Journey to a New World

He Played Gunther Gibson in Derek and Anario

He is Jason Jeremiah's stepbrother

He Played Chief Powhatan in Camillehontas

He is an Indian chief

He Played Cinderella's Father in Camillerella

He Played King Stefan in Sleeping Camille

He Played Ted Wiggins in The Beast (The Lorax; 2012)

He Played Edmond's Father in Felix-A-Doodle

He played Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6 (160 Movies Style)

He played Sergeant Volchek in Deadly Friend (NimbusKidsMovies Animal Style)

He is a law enforcement officer

He played Cassim in Gusladdin 3: Gusladdin and the King of Thieves

He is a thief king

He played Tony in West Side Story (PrinceAnarioandPrincessOrianaRockz style)

He played George Jetson in The Evals

He played King Triton in The Little Mer-Camille

He is a sea king

He played Mario in Super Anario

He played Curly in Oklahoma! (PrinceAnarioandPrincessOrianaRockz style)

He is a singing cowboy

He played Tadashi Hamada in Big Hero 6 (Taylor's Series Saga)

He played Mowgli in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (160 Movies Style)

He played (Human) Lumiere in Beauty and the Berk

He played Fa Zhou in Camillelann

He is Mulan's Father

He played Ben-Hur in Anari-Hur

He played Eggs in The Boxtrolls (??? Style)

He played King Roland II in Camille the First


  • Wife-Princess Oriana
  • Father-Patrick Eval
  • Mother-Talisa Korg-Eval
  • Brothers-Adam and Zachary Eval
  • Paternal Cousins-Marilyn and Kyle Rowland
  • Paternal Aunt-Patricia Eval-Rowland
  • Paternal Grandparents-Gerald and Oletta Eval
  • Maternal Grandparents-George and Nancy Korg
  • Maternal Aunt-Lindsey Korg
  • Maternal Cousins-Melinda and Melisa Korg, Jason and Justin Korg
  • Daughters-Princess Camille and Rosie
  • Son-Gus
  • Sons in law-Nemo and Josh Spitz
  • Daughter in law-Jessica
  • Sisters in law-June Hilton-Eval, Pauline Eval and Riley Andersen
  • Nephew-Matthew Eval
  • Niece-Veronica Eval
  • Parents in law-Bill and Jill Andersen
  • Brothers in law-Lewis and Ted Wiggins


  • Horse-Oswald
  • Wolf-Cheeky

Voice Actors

  1. John Terlesky - English


  • Zygon and Morgana
  • Jafar and Ursula
  • Dr. Pablo Motos and Eris
  • Andy Foley (Aka The Beast of Evil)
  • Routers (Porter Cable 100 series)
  • Master Router (Black and Decker 7600)


Slender, but strong, 17 years old, handsome, shoulder-length blondish-brown hair and blue eyes, brown thick eyebrows, wearing a light beige button-up t-shirt with yellow, blue, indigo and brown stripes, black pants and black casual boots


Anario bears a physical resemblance to Derek

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