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Prince Charming is a villain form Shrek 2 & 3

Prince Charming.jpg

Played Jafar in GlennladdinGlennladdin 2: The Return of Prince Charming and Glennladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a sorcerer

Played Devlin in Timmy in New York

He is Tabitha Harperstein's helper and the gang leader

Played Hans in Frozen (160 Movies Style)

He is a prince

Played Mozenrath in Anarioladdin (TV Series)

Criminal Case

Prince Charming is the victim on a case #22 To Die Or Not To Die on Criminal Case.


In Danny (Shrek) He is played by Brick

In Yogi (Shrek) He is played by Alejandro

In Baloo (Shrek) 2 He is played by Tai Lung

In Timon (Shrek) He is played by Carface

In Tod (Shrek) He is played by Jafar

In Dodger (Shrek) He is played by Messala

In Bernard (Shrek) He is played by Shere Khan

In Orinoco 2 (Shrek) 2 He is played by Bill Sykes

In Oliver (Shrek) He is played by Edgar