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Prince Derek is a character from the Swan Princess


He Played as In Jack Shrek

He Played as Thomas in Orianahontas

He Played As Slim In A Kinghts Life 

He Played as Jason Johnston in Derek and Anario

He is an 18 year-old boy

He Played Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park (160 Movies Human Style) and Jurassic Park II: The Lost World (160 Movies Human Style)

He Played Prince Eric in The Little Mer-Odette

He Played Harry Ruben in Mighty Kenai Young

He Played Luigi in Super Anario

He Played Robert Philip in Enchanted (TheWildAnimal13 Style)

He is Giselle's Husband

He Played Pebo Bryson In Beauty And The Logan

He Is Singer



  • Wife - Odette
  • Son
  • Mother - Queen Uberta
  • Best Friend - Prince Anario