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Hans is a villain from "Frozen".

He played Randall in Mortal Kombat Inc. (Monsters Inc)

He is a lizard

He played Prince Achmed in Kristoffladdin

He is a Grumpy Prince

He played Gaston in Beauty and the Queen Elsa of Arendelle (Beauty and the Beast) and Beauty and the Tiger

He is a gun shooter

He played Megalon Summoner in Princess Zelda VS Mammothmon (Godzilla VS Megalon)

He played Sykes in Zorua & Company

He is a Loan Shark

He played Captain Pete in The Prince and the Pauper (PierrickCanalFamille Style)

He is a captain

He played Elliott Kingsworth in Hiccup and Jack Frost

He is a bully

He played Jafar in Lucasladdin Nickle, Lucasladdin Nickle 2: The Return of Prince Hans, Phillipladdin and Phillipladdin 2: The Return of Prince Hans

He is a sorcerer

He played Chick Hicks in Animateds (Cars)

He is a car

He played Scar in The Snowman King

He is an evil lion

He played Stan Beals in The Pokemon Trainer Bully

He played Rourke in Atlantis (Dragon Rockz Style): The Lost Empire

He is a general

He played Bones in Monster House (Dragon Rockz Style)

He played Lawrence's Prince Naveen Disguise in The Xiaolin Princess and The Pegasus

He is Lawrence's disguise

He played Genie in Toonkriticladdin

He played Nicky Holiday in The Great Character Caper

This is the first of many examples of him playing a hero in Badly Drawn Rainbow's spoofs. In this case, he is a genie and ToonKriticY2K's (Aladdin's) best friend.

He played Dorian Tyrell in The Mask (Characters Style)

He played Owen Grady in Jurassic World (Mix-up Good and Evil Style)

He played Li Shang in Cassielan and Cassielan 2