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Prince John is a lion from Robin Hood.

Voice Actors:

Prince John played Fix It Felix Jr. in The Goanimate Movie

He is an alien junk dealer

Prince John Played Professor Ratigan In The Great Rescue Ranger Detective & The Great Meerkat Detective

He is a Sewer Rat

Prince John played Captain Hook in Arthur Pan, Chip Pan, Chip Pan 2:In Return to Neverland, and Fox Chip Pan and The Pirates

He is a captain

Prince John played Russ Cargill in The PierrickCanalFamille Movie (The Simpsons Movie)

He is a Russ Cargill

Prince John played The Bad Wizard in The Wizard of Oz (disneystyle8)

He is a wizard

Prince John played The Mouseking (in flashback) in The Meerkat Prince

He is a mouse in the flashback

Prince John played Johnny in Home Alone (FGRForever Animal Style) and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (FGRForever Animal Style)

He is a trash-talking murderer

Prince John played Myron Frensky in The Return of Tigger

He is Lenny Fisherwood's former best friend

Prince John played Scar in The Tigger King and The Spider King

He is an evil lion

Prince John played Jafar in Bernardladdin (Stephen Druschke's Version), Bernardladdin 2: The Return of Prince John (Stephen Druschke's Version), Dudleyladdin, Dudleyladdin 2: The Return of Prince John, Chipladdin, and Chipladdin 2: The Return of Prince John

He is a sorcerer

Prince John played Old Jafar in Ericladdin and Pigletladdin

He is an old man

Prince John played Razoul in Todladdin, Todladdin 2: The Return of Steele, and Todladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a guard leader

Prince John played one of Razoul's Henchmen in Kovuladdin

He is a henchman

Prince John played Big Bad in JoJo & Dumbo and Wendy and Pablo

He is a wolf

Prince John played the Indian Chief in Eric Pan

He is an Indian chief

Prince John played Lord Rothbart in The Kangaroo Princess & The Mouse Princess ????

He is a sorcerer

Prince John played Syndrome in The Incredibles (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

He is a Super Villian

Prince John played Devlin in Fievel in New York

He is Tabitha Harperstein's partner

Prince John played Hades in Tailscules

He is a devil and the ruler of the Underworld

Prince John played Shan Yu's Scout In Nala (Mulan)

He is a scout

Prince John played Lucifer in Bellerella

He is an evil cat.

Prince John played Ed in The Mammal King

He is a crazy hyena

Prince John played Shere Khan in The Mammal Book

He is a menacing tiger

Prince John played The Magic Mirror in Wendy White and the Seven Animals

He is a mirror

Prince John played Pete in Robin Hood, Friar Tuck & Little John the Three Musketeers

He is a captain

Prince John played Prince Achmed in Bagheeraladdin

He is a prince

Prince John played Jafar in Bernardladdin (Stephen Druschke's Version), Bernardladdin 2: The Return of Prince John (Stephen Druschke's Version), Dudleyladdin, and Dudleyladdin 2: The Return of Prince John

He is a sorcerer

Prince John played The Ringmaster in Roo

He is a ringmaster

Prince John played Firelord Sozin in Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style

He is an evil tyrant

Prince John played Kaltag in Simbalto

He is a snow dog

Prince John Played Red cat In All Mice Go To Heaven 2 (Nikkdisneylover8390's version)

Prince John played Nigel in Rio (Disney and Sega Style)

He is a Bird

Prince John played Hans in Frozen (CoolZDane Animal Style)

He is a handsome villain

Prince John played Mr. Burns in Disney The Simpsons

Prince John played Judge Claude Frollo in The Young Mouse of Notre Dame

Prince John played Killer in The Secret of NIMH 2: Lucky to the Rescue (CoolZDane Animal Style)

Prince John Played Cat R. Waul in An Microraptor Tale 2: Guido Goes West

He is a cat

Prince John played King Leonidas in Bedknobs and Broomsticks (TrainBoy43 Style)

He is a lion

Prince John played Jetsam in The Little Mermammal and The Little Aardvark

He is an eel

Prince John played Honest John Worthington Foulfellow in Scampnocchio and Bambinocchio

He is a Fox

Prince John played Monsieur D'Arque in Beauty and the Fox

He is a master

Prince John played Governor Ratcliffe in Wendyhontas

He is a governor

Prince John Played Darth Vader In Star Wars (The BluesRockz Style)

He is The Dark Side of Anakin

Prince John Played Darth Sidious In Star Wars (Disney and Sega Style)

He is Emperor

He Played In Talespin (TheBluesRockz Style)

He is Another Wolf or Tiger

He Played Fat Cat In Baloo & Yogi Rescue Rangers

He is The Rescue Rangers's Enemy

Prince John Played Sewernose de Bergerac in Max and Rex Rescue Rangers

He is an Aligator

Prince John Played Mamo Ululu in Animalympics (Thomas O'Malley's Style)

Prince John Played Count Dooku in Star Wars (TheBeckster1000 Style)

He is a sith lord

Prince John Played Percival C. McLeach in The Rescuers Down Under (Arthurandfriends Style)

Prince John Played Seth in Dinosaur King (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

He is an Alpha Gang member

Prince John Played One Team Rocket TrioIn Pokemon (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

He is Team Rocket Member and Jessie's

Prince John Played SkyTrain Mark I #136

He is a crows nest

Prince John Played In Kit's Laboratory