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Prince Richard is a character of the movie, The Female's World. He appears in Rosemary Hills, making his debut in The Rise of Nefaria Part 1.

Voice Actors:

  1. Mike Myers - English
  2. Ryotaro Okiayu - Japanese
  3. Demián Bichir - Latin Spanish
  4. Ángel de Gracia - European Spanish
  5. Marcus Jardym - Brazilian Portuguese
  6. Massimiliano Alto - Italian
  7. Peter Paul Muller - Dutch
  8. Joel Legendre - Canadian French
  9. Guillaume Lebon - European French
  10. Matthias Hinze - German
  11. Paweł Tucholski - Polish
  12. Samuel Harjanne - Finnish
  13. Sarit Vino-Elad - Hebrew
  14. Radek Škvor - Czech


Slender, fair skin, brown hair, blue eyes, gold crown, red shirt, blue shorts, brown boots.


Regarding his upcoming ruler status of the colony, Prince Richard is incredibly nervous and worries about every detail about the flow of the colony. He is obsessed with perfection, hoping this trait will make him more likable with his subjects. Richard especially worries about the food offering to Nefaria and the other bullies. However, as the film progresses, he becomes a bit more relaxed through the words of his father and him blossoming relationship with May, both of which seem to calm him down.

Prior to Rosemary Hills:

During the film, it is shown that he scolds his little brother Finn (along with his father) for trying to fly before his legs pump up while he gets bigger, and has a small crush on May, but it is not obvious at the beginning. At the beginning of the film, he does not show much appreciation for her at all, especially when he gets crushed by a stalk that May has cut down with his latest invention. When May accidentally destroys a pile of food gathered for the bullies, causing Nefaria, leader of the bullies, to double the amount of food offering the people must gather before the next autumn, Richard initially sentences May to dig in the tunnels for one month but comes to accept her decision of going to New York City to recruit some warrior people (assuming that May will not be around to cause any more trouble).

When May returns to the island with the circus troupe she has mistakenly recruited, Richard becomes suspicious of the circus clowns and demands May to tell what is happening about them. However, after witnessing a nearly deadly pelican attack in which May and the circus clowns save the life of his little brother Finn, Richard sees that the circus clowns may be warriors and warms up to May (and the circus clowns) as he apologizes to her for mistreatment. When Richard tells May that Nefaria is afraid of pelicans, May kisses him and he is touched. When the circus clowns present the plan to build a makeshift pelican that can be controlled from the inside (an idea passed from May), Richard takes this plan and announces to the people that they will work together to scare away Nefaria should she return to the island.

While the people build the pelican model, Richard starts to realize May's crush on him when he notices her staring at him in a different way and his feelings for her seem to grow slightly stronger. He later thanks May for finding the "Warrior People," getting his hair tangled with May's in the process. However, when Rhonda the Ringmaster arrives and exposes the truth about the circus clowns, Richard becomes disappointed in May, and seeing her through her craziness and lies, he has her banished for good which would later put himself, the king and the colony in danger. After that, he orders the people to gather up whatever food they can find on the island, but they are unable to satisfy the quota demanded by Nefaria, which leads to her taking control of the island.

That night, May, who has secretly returned to the island upon hearing from Finn that Nefaria is going to squish his father after all the food on the island has been gathered, exposes the truth behind Nefaria's need for the colony, and reveals Nefaria's evil plan, shocking the whole colony, especially Richard; Finn takes the opportunity to tell him that she's not lying. Richard and all the other people listen to May's speech after she was beaten by Darknessa thanks to Rhonda the Ringmaster's interfering, and they all become astonished to realize what the bullies have been putting them up to. When May is beaten up by Nefaria, he rushes into her defense. In support of what May has said, Richard demands that the people pick up the food, the people keep the food, and the bullies leave. He helps May up, expressing his pride in her for her bravery and outspokenness. When May is kidnapped by Nefaria who is attempting to run away with her, the circus clowns attempt to give chase but they only get her hair piece, but it is Richard who rescues her from Nefaria. Under May's instruction, he takes her across the stream where the pelican's nest is located and watches worriedly as she deals with Nefaria. When the pelican catches Nefaria who mistaken her for another fake pelican and taunts her causing her to shriek angrily at her, Richard pulls May to safety and they hide while cringing as the pelican lowers Nefaria into its chicks' beaks and putting her reign of terror and insult on the person colony to an end.

Richard later makes up with May and allows her back into the colony. At the conclusion of the film, when the circus clowns are about to leave the island, he thanks them for giving back the colony's hope, dignity, and lives and receives a rock, which has magically appeared by Margaret's tricks, as a gift. When the people applaud May for her heroism, Richard shows his love for her by kissing her. The King then gives his crown to Richard as he is made the new King. Richard tosses his own tiara to Finn. As May says good-bye to her friends, Richard and Finn fly her to a tree root for a better view. There, Richard holds hands with May, his chosen mate, as they, along with Finn, wave good-bye to the departing circus troupe.