Princess Silia Spacebot

Princess Silia Spacebot is the princess of Spaceland and is one of the main protagonists in the 1986-89 Nelvana cartoon, The Spacebots. She is 18 years old and also sounds a lot like Treat Heart Pig from The Care Bears Family. She is one of the Spacebots' allies and has long pink hair and golden eyes and her color is chartuese. She has nine older sisters, Princess Bloomina Spacebot, Princess Malina Spacebot, Princess Nilam Spacebot, Princess Melody Spacebot, Princess Arielna Spacebot, Princess Kellia Spacebot, Princess Tilana Spacebot, Princess Rilana Spacebot and Princess Uirla Spacebot. She is voiced by Toborr Kristina Tomlinsen.

Voice Actors:

  1. Toborr Kristina Tomlinsen - English



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