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Professor Oak is a Professor from Pokemon.

He Played Spike Taylor in Dinosaur King (Ooglyeye Style)

He Played The Peddler in Ashladdin (Luke Yannuzzi Style)

He Played Hiram Flaversham in The Great Pokemon Trainer Detective and The Great Spy Boy Detective

He Played Preston Whitmore in Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Dragon Rockz Style) and Atlantis II: Ash's Return

He Played Farting Guy In The Nutty Professor (170Movies Human Style)

He Played George R. Blake In Danny Doo Series

He Played Zuba in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Gabriel Adam Pictures Style)

He Played Raye's Father In Sailor Perdita and Sailor Mars (158Movies Style)

He is A Old Small Man

He Played King Triton (Eldery) In The Little Mercury The Little Mercury (TV Series) The Little Mercury 2: Return to the Sea and The Little Mercury 3: Amy's Beginning

he is a Merman

He Played James Potter In Ash Ketchum And the Sorcerer's Stone

He is The Husband of Lily Potter former Student of Gryffindor and Harry Potter's Deceased Father

Voice Actors:

Stuart Zagnit (English)

Martí Pich (Valencian)

Roberto Encinas (Spanish)

Hugo Navarrette (Mexican Spanish)

Martin Zabala (Basque)

Tunç Ozdil (Turkish)

Hans Wahlgren (Swedish)

Dušan Szabó (Slovak)

Marwan Farhat (Arabic)

Anatoliy Zinovenko (Ulkarian)

Unsho Ishizuka (Japanese)

Anatolii Zinovenko (Russian)