Proud Heart Cat plays in Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

1. Proud Heart Cat in Wonderland

Proud Heart Cat plays in Angelica Pickles

1. Rugrats/Care Bears

Proud Heart Cat plays in Sandy Cheeks

1. VesaBob SilventoinenPants

Proud Heart Cat plays in Joy

1. Inside Out (Champ Bear and Bright Heart Raccoon 87 Style)

2. Inside Out (Bright Heart Raccoon Style)

3. Inside Out (Chip and Dale Company Style)

4. Inside Out (The Nelvana Limited Universe Style)

5. Inside Out (Care Bears Totally Adventure Style)

6. Inside Out (DrumLongStrawPeck Style)

7. Inside Out (Proud Heart Cat in Wonderland and Vesa Pan Style)

8. Inside Out (NelvanaMovies61 Style)

9. Inside Out (Truffler Scooper Version)

10. Inside Out (HundleyMeyerClassics Style)

11. Inside Out (Nelvana Gene Deitch's 20th Century Fox General Style)

12. Inside Out (20th Century Fox Guinness Style)

13. Inside Out (The City Of New York Cartoon Style)

14. Proghamm-Side Out

15. Inside Out (Walt Disney Company Evolution Shake Me Style)

16. Chad-Side Out

17. France-Side Out

18. Kuwait-Side Out

19. Mali-Side Out

20. Mongolia-Side Out

21. Serbia-Side Out

22. Tower-Side Out

Proud Heart Cat plays in Disgust

1. Animation-Side Out

2. Inside Out (1961 Ultimate Style)

3. Inside Out (1953 Rules Style)

4. Inside Out (Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck Style)

5. Inside Out Chris Crocker's Digital Resource Style)

6. Inside Out (The Invasion Vesa Silventoinen Style)

7. Inside Out (Vesa Silventoinen Illusion Style)

8. Worldside Out

9. Inside Out (Speedy Gonzales Style)

10. Inside Out (1961 Invasion Style)

11. Inside Out (Pepe Le Pew Style)

12. Inside Out (ChampBearandBrightHeartRaccoonsAdventuresofDisneySingAlongSongsFan Style)

13. Bhutan-Side Out

14. Brazil-Side Out

15. Komi-Side Out

16. Latvia-Side Out

17. Malawi-Side Out

18. Nigeria-Side Out

19. South Korea-Side Out

20. Syria-Side Out

21. Cartoons/Inside Out

22. Inside Out (Nelvana and Gene Deitch's Cartoons R Fun Classic VHS Video Collection Style)

Proud Heart Cat plays in Mom's Joy

1. Inside Out (Nelvana and Looney Tunes Digital Resource Style)

2. Inside Out (Chris Crocker Fun Sitting Style)

Proud Heart Cat plays in Mom's Disgust

1. Inside Out (CareBearsFamilyWorld Style)

Proud Heart Cat plays in Dale

1. Loyal Heart Dog and Proud Heart Cat Rescue Rangers

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