Uncle Pterano

Pterano is the main antagonist turned anti-hero in The Land Before Time sequels.

He appears as himself in Clash of the Links

He is completely the same character as he was before, but is now a reformed good pteranodon, but still looking cool and is now a friend to Richard Sharpe.


  • As with the whole Jim Crow speaking with a British accent thing, he spoke differently in the pre-releases due to being voiced by Rowan Atkinson (which was mentioned by Rowan Atkinson himself, he revealed that Hugh Laurie was the one who forced Atkinson to replace Michael York as Pterano). This caused an backslash from Pterano fans, and demanded that Michael York should return to voice Pterano and remove Rowan Atkinson's Pterano voice. Though Rowan Atkinson remained in the film, he reduced into the actor who was portraying the Blackadders, himself and Mr Bean instead, Atkinson's Pterano voice was replaced in later prints (such as the theatrical print that was used for the DVD and Blu-ray) with Michael York doing the voice of Pterano again. Both the DVD and Blu-ray editions have the pre-release version as an optional. In the behind-the-scenes featurette (What Ho!: The Making of Clash of the Links), Atkinson would then regret over the reason he was thrown out of being Pterano by saying "In a much sense kin, i am still in the film, but i no longer voice Pterano because fans preferred Michael York as Pterano and not me, but i still like this film".
  • Much like any character voiced or portrayed by a British born actor or actress, Pterano is voiced none-other than Michael York.


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