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A medium-sized antelope, the puku (Kobus vardonii) has a bright golden-yellow to reddish-brown coat with shaggy, somewhat curly fur along its back and loins. Its legs are uniformly reddish-brown, and it has black tips to its large, furry ears. The underparts and throat of the puku are white. The puku has a robust, bluntly rounded head, a large black nose and black eyelashes, and white markings around the eyes and mouth. The tail has a black tuft of hair at the tip. Horns are present only in the male puku, and are black, stout and relatively short, with heavy ridges and a slightly lyre-shaped curve. When alarmed, the puku may give a shrill, repeated whistle. Around 75% of the puku’s entire world population occurs in one location, in the Kilombero Valley in Tanzania. Male pukus hold small territories, with each male attempting to keep herds of females on its territory for as long as possible.