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The diminutive pygmy marmoset (Cebuella pygmaea) is the smallest monkey in the world. Its tiny body has greyish, black mixed with buff, or brownish-gold fur on the back, sometimes with a greenish tinge, and white, tawny or orangish fur on the underparts. The squirrel-like hands and feet are yellowish or orangish, and bear sharp claw-like nails which are suited to clinging to trees. The tail has indistinct dark rings on a lighter background. A longer mane of hair surrounds the face, covering the ears, and white marks at the edges of the mouth and a white vertical line on the nose are thought to make communication through facial expressions more conspicuous in the dim light of dense forest. Female pygmy marmosets are slightly heavier than males. It is a fairly quiet monkey, but can produce a variety of vocalisations for communicating, including a high, sharp warning whistle and a clicking sound to indicate threat.



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