Quetzalcoatl by eedenartwork-d85ngwc

Quetzalcoatl (English: /ˌkɛtsɑːlˈkoʊɑːtəl/; Spanish pronunciation: [ketsalˈkoatɬ]) (Classical NahuatlQuetzalcohuātl [ket͡saɬˈkowaːt͡ɬ],  modern Nahuatl pronunciation (help·info)) forms part of Mesoamerican literature and is a deity whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and means "feathered serpent".The worship of a feathered serpent is first documented in Teotihuacan in the first century BC or first century AD.[3] That period lies within the Late Preclassic to Early Classic period (400 BC – 600 AD) of Mesoamerican chronology, and veneration of the figure appears to have spread throughout Mesoamerica by the Late Classic period (600–900 AD).


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