Rabbit (Skunk Fu)


Rabbit is one of the primary main characters in the show Skunk Fu! played by Paul Tylak. He is a male grey and white rabbit. He is noted to be in his twenties but this is not proven in the show there for he and Fox are debatably in their twenties or teenagers. He is a negative influence for Skunk.

Rabbit Plays Mace Windo in Star Wars Saga (Michaelsar12isback Style)

He is a Alien

Rabbit Plays Ezra in Wild Animal

He is a Revel

Rabbit Plays Sparx in The Legend of Skunk

He is mad

Rabbit Plays Ki Adi Mundi in Cartoon Animal Star Wars

Rabbit Plays Abu in Aleladdin

He is a monkey

Rabbit Plays Kuzco Llama in The Cucumber's New Groove

He is a Talking Llama

He is a Red american squirrel

Rabbit Plays Stuart the Sloth in ??? and ???

He is a Sloth

Rabbit Plays Gingy in Orinoco (Shrek)

He is a Gingerbread Man

He is a Prince

He is a Prince

He is a Candelabra


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