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Rainbow Dash is a character from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". She is active, competetive, and though her sense of self can sometimes get the best of her, she's always there to help out her friends.

Rainbow Dash played Stuart the Minion in Furries (Minions Parody)

He is a rebellious, musically-talented one-eyed minion.

Rainbow Dash also played Stuart in Fourscore: Polar's Wild Adventure (Awesome Me 2), alongside Reynold "Bearen" Michaels.

Rainbow Dash played Carl in Animated Party (Sausage Party), again alongside Bearen.

He is a sausage, the best friend of Frank and Barry, and a fatality of the Great Beyond.

Rainbow Dash played Buck in Home on the Range (Gender Swapped Style)

She is a horse

Rainbow Dash played The Magic Carpet in Christopher Robinladdin and Arieladdin

She is a carpet

Rainbow Dash played Pegasus in Arielcules

She is a flying horse

Rainbow Dash played Llama Kuzco in The Mermaid's New Groove (Abeiscool40 Style)

She is a llama

Rainbow Dash played Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Ponies

She is a ninja turtle

Rainbow Dash played Shrek in Rainbow Dash (Shrek) and Rainbow Dash (Shrek, 2001)

She is an ogre

Rainbow Dash played Shadow the Hedgehog in Dumbo X (AKA Sonic X)

He is a Black Hedgehog

Rainbow Dash Played Sunburn in Happily Ever After (Gryffonmanic Style)

Rainbow Dash played Fern Arable in Kiki's Bag (a.k.a. Charlotte's Web) and Kiki's Bag 2: Ash's Great Adventure

Rainbow Dash Played Snow White in Rainbow Dash White and the Seven Animals and Rainbow Dash White Happily Ever After

Rainbow Dash Played Princess Irene in The Princess and the Shimmer

Rainbow Dash Played Alice in Rainbow Dash In Wonderland

She is a girl

Rainbow Dash Played Toby in The Great Witch Detective

Rainbow Dash Played Jenny Foxworth in Kiki and Company

Rainbow Dash Played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars (Twilight'sSpaceStar17 Style)

She is a Jedi

Rainbow Dash Played Rabbit in Spike Fu!

Rainbow Dash Played Leonardo in My Little Pony/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

She is a ninja turtle

Rainbow Dash Played Tarzan in Rainbow Dasharzan

She is an ape man

Rainbow Dash Played Balto in Rainbowto Dash,Rainbowto Dash 2: Pony Quest and Rainbowto Dash 3: Wings of Change

Rainbow Dash Played The Genie in Kimikoladdin, Kimikoladdin 2: The Return of Wuyafar, Kimikoladdin 3: The King of Thieves, and Kimikoladdin (TV Series)

She is the Genie of the Lamp

Rainbow Dash Played Timon in The Xiaolin King (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style), The Xiaolin King 2: Raimundo's Pride, and The Xiaolin King 1 ½

She is a meerkat

Rainbow Dash Played Sebastian in The Little Equestria Girl and Xiaolin Princess, The Little Equestria Girl and Xiaolin Princess 2: Return to The Sea & The Little Equestria Girl and Xiaolin Princess 3: Twilight and Kimiko's Beginning

She is a crab

Rainbow Dash Played Hercules in Rainbowcules Dash (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style)

She is a wonder boy

Rainbow Dash Played Adventure in The Pagemaster (Twilight'sSpaceStar17 Style)

She is a book

Rainbow Dash (with Flash Sentry) Played Shang in Twilan

She is the captain of China

Rainbow Dash Played Victor in The King of The Monsters of Notre Dame & The King of The Monsters of Notre Dame 2

She is a gargoyle

Rainbow Dash Played Peter Pan in Rainbow Pan & Rainbow Pan 2: Return to Neverland

She is a flying boy

Rainbow Dash Played Aladdin in Rainbowladdin Dash, Rainbowladdin Dash 2: The Return of Lord Tirek & Rainbowladdin Dash 3: The King of Thieves

She is the street-rat

Rainbow Dash Played Prince Naveen (Frog) in The Xiaolin Princess and The Pegasus

She is a frog

Rainbow Dash Played Woody in Toon Story (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style), Toon Story 2 (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style), and Toon Story 3 (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style)

She is a cowboy

Rainbow Dash Played Bugs Bunny in Space Jam (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style) & Xiaolin Tunes: Back in Action

She is a rabbit

Rainbow Dash Played SpongeBob Squarepants in The Rainbow Dashpants Movie, The Rainbow Dashpants Movie 2, and Rainbow Dashpants

She is a sponge

Rainbow Dash Played Doc in Twilight Sparkle and The Seven Toons

She is a dwarf

Rainbow Dash Played Lumiere in Beauty and The Dragon, and Beauty and The Dragon 2: The Enchanted Christmas & Beauty and The Dragon 3: Kimiko's Magical World

She is a candelabra

Rainbow Dash Played Taran in Rainbow Dash and The Black Cauldron (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style)

She is a warrior

Rainbow Dash Played Basil of Baker Street in The Great Pegasus Detective

She is a mouse

Rainbow Dash Played Kuzco (Human; as a human) and Kuzco (Llama; as a pony) in The Equestria Girl's New Groove & The Equestria Girl's New Groove 2: Pinkie Pie's New Groove

She is an emperor

Rainbow Dash Played Ariel in The Little Rainbow Dash

She is a mermaid

Rainbow Dash (with Applejack) Played an Extra with Rodan in The Jungle Book (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style)

She is a guest star

Rainbow Dash Played Fflewddur Fflam in The Black Cauldron (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style)

Rainbow Dash (along with the rest of the Mane Six and Spike) Played Archimedes in The Sword in The Stone (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style)

She is an owl

Rainbow Dash (with Raimundo) Played Tulio in The Road to El Dorado (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style)

Rainbow Dash Played Anastasia in Rainbowstasia Dash

Rainbow Dash Played Kiki in Rainbow's Delivery Service

Rainbow Dash Played Lily in Ariel and the Magic Sea

Rainbow Dash Played Jessie in Toon Story 2 (TheCartoonMan12 Style) and Toon Story 3 (TheCartoonMan12 Style)

She is a cowgirl

Rainbow Dash Played Maggie in Home on the Range (Abeiscool40 Style)

She is a cow

Rainbow Dash Played Lady Kluck in Mushu Hood (Ponis Couples Style)

She is a hen

Rainbow Dash Played Gazelle in Mammaltopia (Vinnytovar Style)

She is a gazelle

Rainbow Dash Played Dinky in The Turtle and the Bear

Rainbow Dash Played Sky in Total Drama Pahkitew Island (RebeccaTheSorceress' Version)

She is a Tomboyish Contestant, who is Fit, Healthy, Strong and Clever.

Rainbow Dash Played Mee Mee in Doctor N. Gin's Laboratory

She is Dee Dee and Lee Lee's Best Friend.

Rainbow Dash played Coach Beck in Sugar Rushmore

Rainbow Dash Played Spots in Isle of Wattersons

Rainbow Dash Played Skeebo in Trixie and the Ghostly Adventures

She is a Bully

Rainbow Dash Played April Sunsplash in My Little Lalaloopsy: Friendship is Magic

She is colorful and have rainbow hair and super nice to her friends.

Rainbow Dash Played Mike Wazowski in Characters, Inc. (Skymation2415 Production)

She is a Monster

Rainbow Dash Played Vanellope Von Sweetchz in Wreck-It Ralph (ProMasterepic's style)

Rainbow Dash Played Dory in Finding Nemo (ProMasterepic's style) and Finding Dory (ProMasterepic's style)

Rainbow Dash Played Mary in Dorothyrella (DorothyxScarecrow Style)

She is a Mouse


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