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Ralphie Tennelli is a fictional character on the animated children's series The Magic School Bus. He is voiced by Stuart Stone.

Plot Overview

Ralphie was born in July 17, 2006 in Walkerville. Is the middle child sons of Dr. Tennelli and Mr. Tennelli, the uncle of Brian Tennelli, the little brother of Nick Tennelli, the stepbrother of Robbie Tennelli, the cousins of Tony Tennelli, Tina Tennelli and Terressina Tennelli and the pet dog of Noodles Tennelli.


Weatherman (superhero name)

Wee Little Winkerpooper (by the Flying Tennellis)

Wee Woodurns Ralphie by (Tina Tennelli)

Sweetheart by (Dr. Tennelli)

Son by (Mr. Tennelli)

Buddy by (Brian Tennelli)

Big Brother by (Nick Tennelli)

Big Stepbrother by (Robbie Tennelli)




Voice Actors:

  1. Stuart Stone - English
  2. Hiroko Takemasa - Japanese

Ralphie played Christopher Robin in Kermit the Frog(Winnie the Pooh)


Tennelli Family
Ralphie Tennelli . Dr. Tennelli (mother) . Mr. Tennelli (father) . Brian Tennelli (uncle) . Nick Tennelli (little brother) . Robbie Tennelli (stepbrother) . Tony Tennelli (cousin) . Tina Tennelli (cousin) . Terressina Tennelli (cousin) . Noodles Tennelli (pet dog)
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