Randall Boggs is a lizard monster whose the central antagonist from Monsters, Inc.


Army Members

  • Bemular
  • Alien Baltan
  • Neronga
  • Ragon
  • Greenmons
  • Gesura
  • Antlar
  • Red King
  • Magular
  • Chandora
  • Gabora
  • Jirass
  • Gyango
  • Dodongo
  • Gamakujira
  • Gavadon
  • Pestar
  • Telesdon
  • Hydra
  • Kemular
  • Dorako
  • Gigass
  • Woo
  • Alien Zetton
  • Zetton

Randall Boggs played Nigel in Rio (CartoonNetworkandHubFan360 Version), and Rio (TomandJerryFan36 Style)

He is a cockatoo

Randall Boggs played Shan Yu in Twilight Sparklelan, and Twilightlan

He is a evil man

Randall Boggs played Jafar in Mushuladdin, Courageladdin The Cowardly Dog, TomandJerryFan36's Sonicladdin The Hedgehog, Courageladdin (CourageandTwilightSparkleFan360 Version), Courageladdin, and Courageladdin ll: The Return of Randall Boggs

He is a socrer

Randall Boggs played Scar in The Cartoon Animal KingThe Mousekewitz KingThe Cartoon Dog King, and The Courage King

He is a Evil Lion

Randall Boggs played Gaston in Beauty and the Kong (CartoonNetworkandHasbroFan360 Version)

He is a man

Randall Boggs played 1st Guard in The Casper's New Groove

He is a guard

Randall Boggs played Iago in Fiverladdin

He is a parrot

Randall Boggs played Clayton in Mushuzan

He is a hunter

Randall Boggs played Lotso in Cute Animal Story 3

He is a bear

Randall Boggs played The Caterpillar in Eliza in Wonderland, and The Cutie Mark Crusaders in Wonderland

He is a caterpillar

Randall Boggs played Tic Tock the Crocodile in Marco Pan

He is a Crocodile

Randall Boggs played The Cajun Fox in Heimlich The Cowardly Caterpillar

He is a fox

Randall Boggs played Banzai in The Bear King

He is a hyena

Randall Boggs played Undertow's Various Transformation in The Little Snow Princess 2: Return to the Sea

Randall Boggs played Hopper in A Animal's Life (CartoonNetworkandHubFan360 Version)

He is a grasshopper

Randall Boggs played Undertow (Regular Size) in The Little Mer-Kitty 2

Randall Boggs played Hades in Couragecules (CartoonNetworkandHubFan360 Version)

Randall Boggs played Ronno in Courageambi

He is a deer

Randall Boggs played Dr. Facilier in The Pony Princess and the Fox

He is a shadow man

Randall Boggs played Duncan in Gobo The Fraggle & Friends

He is a yellow train

Randall Boggs played as The Evil Queen in Lola Bunny and the Seven Mice

He is a witch

Randall Boggs played Carface in All Heroes Go to Heaven and All Heroes Go to Heaven 2

He is a Bulldog

Randall Boggs played King of Hearts in Sandy Cheeks In Wonderland

He is a evil king

Criminal Case

Randall Boggs is a suspect on a case #58 Death On Wheels, later he becomes the killer on a case #61 The Ice Queen, then he is now an escaped killer on a case #115 The Final Countdown on Pacific Bay.


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