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Rapunzel (born June 21, 1992) is the main protagonist from Tangled.

She played as Godzillasaurus in Princess Zelda VS Remilia Scarlet and Sailor Moon (Godzilla)

She played Attina in The Little British Girl

She is a mermaid

She played Mulan in Rapunzelan

She is a Chinese princess

She played Mary Poppins in Rapunzel Poppins

She played Joy in Inside Out (The Ohana's Style)

She is a yellow emotion

She played Sofia in Rapunzel the First

She is a enchancia princess

She played Ariel in The Little Princess

She is a mermaid

She played Wendy Darling in Jiminy Pan

She played Snow White in Rapunzel White and the Seven Toons

She is a princess

She played Mrs. Flint in Ohanas Inc.

She is a monster

She played Moana in Rapunzel (Moana)

She played Thumbelina in Rapunzelina

She is a fairy

She played Tinker Bell in Jack Pan, Bongo Pan, Rapunzel Bell, Rapunzel Bell and the Lost Treasure, Rapunzel Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Secret of the Wings (Jiminy Cricket Style), The Pirate Fairy (Jiminy Cricket Style), Rapunzel Bell and the Legend of the Duck

She is a tinker fairy

She played Merida in Brave (Jiminy Cricket Style)

She is a Scottish princess

She played Oxana Hauntley in Goldie Locks (Vampirina)

She is a vampire

She played Little Red Riding Hood in Melody & Bambi

She is a little girl with a red hood

She played Adult Nala in The Ohana King and The Ohana King II: Flynn's Pride

She is a lion

She played Kate in Alpha and Omega (Princess Rapunzel Style)

She is a wolf

She played Cinderella in Rapunzella

She is a maid

She played Pola in The Pebble And The Plumber (PeachyNova Productions Style)

She is a penguin and one of Marina’s friends.

She played Mama Bear in Alice and Pinocchio

She is a bear

She played Jessie in Toon Story 2 (TrueDisneyKing Style) and Toon Story 3 (TrueDisneyKing Style)

She is a cowgirl

She played Bo Peep in Toy Story (Ralph E. Coyote Style)

She is a shepherdess

She played Odette in The Bear Princess

She is a cursed princess

She played Belle in Beauty and the Duck

She is a French maiden

She played Mrs. Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (CityMaker Human Style)

She is a field mouse

She played Mrs. Leary in Mowgli in New York

She is Andrew's foster mother

She played Joan Walden in The Fox in the Hat (2003)

She is a mother

She played Nora in Mowgli's Bear

She is a lighthouse keeper and Pete's foster mother

She played Pocahontas in Rapunzelhontas

She is an Indian princess

She played Princess Jasmine in Flynnladdin

She is an Arabian princess

She played Aladdin in Rapunzeladdin

She is a "street mouse"

She played Alice in Rapunzel in Wonderland and Rapunzel in Wonderland (The Mizfitz Style)

She is a little girl

She played Princess Eilonwy in The Black Cauldron (Princess Rapunzel Style)

She played Mother Rabbit in Piglet Hood

She is a rabbit

She played Esmeralda in The Street Rat of Notre Dame

She is a gypsy

She played Padme in Star Wars (Princess Rapunzel Style) and Star Wars (Oriana160 Style)

She played Maid Marian in Flynn Rider (Robin Hood)

She is a vixen

She played Queen Miranda in Goldie the First

She played Chicha in The Mountaineer's New Groove

She played Zee (Elizabeth) in Monster House (Dragon Rockz Style)

She is DJ's babysitter

She played Princess Anna in Frozen (Cbismarck) and Frozen (Princess Rapunzel Style)

She is a princess of Arendelle

She plays Barney in Rapunzel and Friends

She played Lady the Golden Engine in Ariel and the Magic Sea

She is a golden engine

She played Thomas in Rapunzel the Princess & Friends

She is a tank engine

She played Princess Celestia in My Little Disney: Friendship is Magic (disneystyle172 style)

She played Genie in Aleladdin

She played Dr. Ruth Young in Mighty Magilla Young

She is Jill's Mother

She played Giselle (Live-Action) in Enchanted (TheBluesRockz Style)

She played Nancy Tremaine (Live-Action) in Enchanted (CityMaker Style)

She played Oxana Hauntley in Goldie Locks (Vampirina)

She played Claire Clancy in Fancy Goldie

She played Princess Leia in Star Wars (TheBrideQueen Style)

She played Kat Harvey in Astro Boy (Casper)

She played Chiffon in Little Shop of Horrors (EJL423 Style)

She is one of the three girls

She played Mrs. Pepper in Marie’s Clues (WeLoveAnimation Style)

She is a pepper shaker

She will play the Blue Fairy in Caspernocchio

She is a fairy and the wishing star

She played Foxface in The Hunger Games (Davidchannel's Version)

She is a fire

She played Flora in Sleeping Mulan (1959) (Remake)

She is a red fairy

She played Honeymaren in Frozen 2 (Justin Quintanilla Style)

She is a Enchanted Forest

She played Tripsacord in Sleeping Beauty (Jetlag's Version)

the dancing fairy

She played Quasimodo's mother in The Lion of Notre Dame (Princess Creation345's Version)

At the beginning of the film, Simba's parents tried to enter the city of Paris with fellow Romani, but they are discovered by Pitch Black and his soldiers. She manages to escape, but her husband is captured by the soldiers. Pitch Black, who thought she was carrying stolen goods, chases her through the city. She comes to the cathedral of Notre Dame and pounds on the door to try and claim sanctuary, but no one answers.Pitch Black catches up with Rapunzel and takes what she is carrying, knocking her down with his steel boot onto the stone steps of Notre Dame, killing her with a single blow, splitting the back of her head open and breaking her neck. Pitch Black then realizes what she was carrying was really a deformed baby and tries to kill him, thinking it to be a demon. Thankfully, Pacha who finally answered the pound on the door arrives just in time and makes Pitch Black adopt the baby to repent for killing an innocent woman. Pacha then takes her body and gives her a proper burial.

She plaayed Shuri in Avengers: Infinity War (Davidchannel's Version)

When Genie is brought to Wakanda by the Avengers, Rapunzel is asked by her brother to help safely extract the Mind Stone embedded on Genie's forehead before Ruber could claim the stone for his Infinity Gauntlet. The Black Order soon arrives to collect the stone, forcing the Avengers and the Wakandan military to fight them off in order to buy time for Rapunzel to complete the operation while she is guarded by Ayo and Clara. After Clara leaves to help the others, however, they are finally confronted by Corvus Glaive, and he incapacitates Ayo. To save Genie, Rapunzel reactivates him while she tries to fight against Corvus Glaive, wearing her gauntlets to do so, but she is incapacitated and was unable to complete her work. She is one of the victims of Ruber snap.