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Rasputin's scary grin

Rasputin is the scariest man in Anastasia.

Voice Actors:

  1. Christopher Lloyd - English
  2. Jim Cummings (Singing Voice) - English
  3. Haruhiko Jo - Japanese
  4. German Robles - Spanish
  5. Joachim Kemmer - German
  6. Pierre Auger - French
  7. Mario Desmarais - French
  8. Richard Darbois - French
  9. Nis Bank Mikkelsen - Danish
  10. Tibor Kristóf - Hungarian
  11. Dov Reiser - Hebrew



Video Games


In PacificastaSia (1997) he is played by Cryptograf

In Aurorastasia he is played by Oogie Boogie

In Vixeystasia he is played by Steele

In Dustystasia (Princekodi) he is Played by Black Wolf

In D.W. (Anastasia) he is Played by John Worthington Foulfellow (Honest John)

In Nalastasia and Destinystasia he is Played by Shere Khan

In Webbystasia he was played by Metal Beak

In Teodorastasia (1997) He is played by Jafar

In Isabellastasia he is Played by Judge Claude Frollo

In Vanessastasia he is Played by Cat R. Waul

In Beauty and the Tyrannosaur, he play Gaston.



  • Wife-Ludmilla
  • Daughters-Rita Repulsa, Rainie Cowart-Gassen
  • Sons-Austin and Chad Wilson, Roan Cowart
  • Son in law-Dustin McCann Sr.
  • Step-grandson-Dustin McCann Jr.
  • Granddaughter-Sadie Beuttel
  • Grandson-Max Graham


  • His appearances in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' Movie Spoof Travels are The Wizard of Oz (Uranimated18's Style) where he, Kuromi, Keiala Hardnut, Erebus Kangaroo, Farmer Macusoper, Fang Danger, Katz, Ludmilla, Le Quack, Cajun Fox, his pet spiders, Duck Brothers, Space Chicken, Roger Klotz, Boomer Bledsoe, Willie White, Ned Cauphee, and Stinky the Cat try to catch Stephen and his friends, but fail, and will hopefully be in more more spoof travels.