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Raven Baxter is a female main protagonist on That's So Raven and Raven's Home.


Raven's Home

Before the series begins, Raven moves to Chicago and marries Devon, having twins with him. At an unknown point in time, the pair divorce with Raven taking custody of the children. She gets a job working for Paisley, as a fashion designer for dogs. She later allows Chelsea and her son Levi to move in with her. During this time, she refuses to disclose to her family that she is psychic, with Chelsea being the only one to know. Although later, Raven changed her mind after hearing that Booker inherited her psychic abilities as she told her kids along with Levi and Tess about her own psychic ability.


  • Home: Chicago, Illinois and San Francisco, California (formerly)
  • Species: Human
  • Personality: Strong, confident, loud, kind, nice, honest, bossy, friendly, helpful, happy, horny, slutty, sexy, serious.
  • Age:
    • Season 1: 14-15
    • Season 2: 15-16
    • Season 3: 16-17
    • Season 4: 17-18
    • Raven's Home: Early 30s
  • Gender: Female
  • Affiliations: Good
  • Likes: Fashion, clothes, hair, designing, popularity, recognition, attention, success, clowns, dancing, her big booty, beingthe animals (especiailly a hippo)
  • Dislikes: Sports, athletics, snakes, failure, bullying, mistreatment, dishonesty, manipulation, being on punishment by her parents, her kids in danger, clowns (formerly), heights, scary movies, spicy food, psychics misusing their powers
  • Portrayed: Raven-Symoné

Raven Baxter played ??? in ???

Raven Baxter played ??? in ???

Raven Baxter played ??? in ???

Raven Baxter played ??? in ???

Raven Baxter played ??? in ???


Raven Baxter's Animal Counterparts

Raven Baxter as the Hippopotamus

Raven Baxter as a Bear

Raven Baxter as an Ape