Razoul is a guard from "Aladdin".

As Police Detective Harvey Bullock in Batman: The Animated Series (PrinceBalto Human Style)

He is a police detective

As Vachir in Kung Fu Street Rat

He is a rhinoceros

As Bo'sun In Pirates Of The Caribbean (Prince Balto Style)

He is a pirate


  • In Baltladdin and Kovuladdin Razoul played by Shere Khan
  • In RiffRaffladdin Razoul played by Sheriff of Nottingham
  • In Aangladdin Razoul played by Admiral Zhao
  • In Simbaladdin Razoul played by Colnel Hathi
  • In Todladdin Razoul played by Prince John
  • In Trampladdin Razoul played by Cat R Waul
  • In Dodgerladdin Razoul played by Pound
  • In Christopher Robinladdin Razoul played by Shan-Yu
  • In Ericladdin and Olladdin Razoul played by Scar
  • In Orinoladdin Razoul played by Bagheera
  • In Homerladdin Played By Amos Slade
  • In Tarladdin Razoul played by Ratigan
  • In RedClawladdin Played By Mickey Mouse
  • In Pipladdin Played By Pirate Pythagoras
  • In Linkladdin Played by Magneto
  • In Caleladdin Played By Governor Ratcliffe
  • In Tom Sawyerladdin Played By King Cat
  • In Luke Skywalkerladdin Played By Alejandro
  • In Kermiladdin Played By Ace
  • In Anarioladdin Played By ?????
  • In Basiladdin Played Jenner


Jim Cummings


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