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Rebecca is a supporting character who appeared in the 21st episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "Hearts at Sea". She is the subject of a story told by Grams Bear to Baby Hugs and Tugs that takes place at sea. Her dream is to be captain of a ship one day, must first confront the gender barriers of her time.

Rebecca played Dawn in The Care Bears Family (Crossover style)

She is a girl

She played June (Little Einsteins) in Little Children, Little Children: Our Huge Adventure, Little Childhood and Little Childhood: Our Huge Adventure

She is a Dancer

She played Jessie in Made Up Colored Childhood Story 2, Made Up Colored Childhood Story 3 and Made Up Colored Childhood Story 4

She is a Yodeling Cowgirl

Rebecca played Alice (Alice in Wonderland) in Rebecca in Wonderland (MadeUpChildhoodFamily)

She is a Girl


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