Red is the main villain of All Dogs Go To Heaven 2.

As The Wachootoo Witch Doctor in Charlie Barkin: When Nature Calls

He is an African witch doctor

As The Horned King in The Black Cauldron (Michaelsar12isback Version)

He is an evil emperor

As The Erazor Djinn in Ariel The Mermaid (Sonic the Hedgehog)

He is an evil Genie of Darkness

As Long Feng in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

He is a villainous earthbender

As Bo'sun in Animals Of The Caribbean

He is a pirate

As Rothbart in The Hedgehog Princess

He is a Warlock

As Gigantic Genie in Dodgerladdin

He is a giant genie and Jafar's slave

As Muscular Crash in Danny and Simba (aka: Crash & Bernstein)

As Clavius in The Porcupine Princess II: Escape from Castle Mountain

He is a sorcerer

As Tai Lung in Kung Fu Puppy (2008)

He is a Snow Leopard

As Amon in The Legend of Princess

He is a villainous water bender

As Jafar in Kryptoladdin and Kryptoladdin 2: The Return of Red

As Evil Martin in The Secret of NIMH 2: Lucky to the Rescue (CoolZDane Animal Style)

As General Mandible in Animalz (1998)

He is a Evil Ant

As Groundsplitter in Animals: Riders of Berk

He is a dragon

As the Grand Duke of Owls in Rock-A-Dodger/Dodger-A-Doodle

He is an owl

As Scar in The Superdog King

He is an evil lion

As Poggle the Lesser in Animation Star Wars


  • In All Foxes Go To Heaven 2-Played By Buster
  • In All Arabians go to Heaven 2 Played By Jafar
  • In All Equestria Girls go to Heaven 2 Played By Majora
  • In All Supergirls goto Heaven 2 Played By Claude (South Park: Stick of Truth)
  • In The Superdog King Played By Scar
  • In All Power Heroes Go to Heaven Played by Bowser


  • Sister - Siri
  • Brother - Katz


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